May 21, 2024

💱 A Chrome Extension to track PnL of your crypto swaps

Predicting the degree of virality of trending pop songs

May 20, 2024

🎵 Predict how viral a trending song will be based only on its lyrics

Twitter Clone

Aug 14, 2023

React + Firebase to build a 1:1 twitter clone

Admin Dashboard

Jul 4, 2023

A fast, pure HTML-CSS admin dashboard

2048 AI

Nov 28, 2022

Using Monte Carlo simulations to beat the game 2048

3D Engine

Jul 30, 2022

A full 3D Rendering Engine written from scratch


Jan 15, 2021

An osu! statistics discord bot

Self-driving Car AI

Oct 24, 2020

Using neural networks to train cars to drive around various tracks

Mathematical Expression Evaluator

Oct 7, 2020

Recursive calculator program and demo of the Shunting Yard Algorithm

Velociraptor Bot

Aug 16, 2020

A multi-purpose discord bot

Simple Dungeon Game

Aug 9, 2020

A polished dungeon builder and multiplayer dungeon game

Agar.io Clone

Jul 19, 2020

A server/client python clone of agar.io

Smart Rockets

Jul 15, 2020

Guiding rockets via a genetic algorithm

Agent-Maze Environment

Apr 26, 2020

An environment builder with agent deployment

Perlin Noise Map Generator

Apr 24, 2020

An seed-based island/landmass generator

Boids Flocking Algorithm

Apr 12, 2020

A visual implementation of the boids flocking algorithm

Lakerbotics 2020 Code

Mar 8, 2020

FRC Team 1649's robot code

Sorting Visualizer

Jan 12, 2020

A visual representation of 4 sorting algorithms


Jun 28, 2019

An autoclicker script

Snake Game Environment

Dec 18, 2018

A full snake game and environment for testing agents

A* Pathfinding

Jul 4, 2018

Visual representation of the A* Pathfinding Algorithm