I am Rayyan Shaik, a 19 year old sophomore studing Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Programming is something that I’m very passionate about, and a skill that I had began learning since middle school.

Since then, I have completed AP and IB Computer Science HL (scoring a 5, and 6 respectively), and a variety of computer science courses at UPenn, including Programming Fundamentals and Data Structures & Algorithms.

I have been learning how to program in Python3 since 2017, and began learning Java & Javascript in 2018. On this website portfolio, you can find “posts” regarding my complete programming projects.

This hyper-link can be used to view my Github Repositories

Here is a short list detailing my computer science experience:

  • Languages: Python3, Java, Javascript
  • Object Oriented Programming & Polymorphism
  • Basic machine learning structures
  • TCP sockets and server-client applications
  • GUI and graphics based applications
  • Web-scraping scripts
  • Threading and multitasking
  • Python3 libaries (numpy, beautiful soup, etc)
  • Robotics control systems (WPILib, CTRE Phoenix)
  • Git, Github

What I want to learn in the future:

  • Programming for Computer Graphics
  • Deep genetic algorithms
  • Q-Learning
  • Applications of AI in robotics

Contact Information

Learn more and contribute on my >GitHub.

Email: > rashaik@seas.upenn.edu