A complete, scalable clone of the popular web game, This project was created purely in python, and utilizes the pygame (GUI) and sockets (web connection) libraries. There are 2 main files used to run code. The first is, which runs the game itself. The second is, which can be run on any network and can open a customizable “” server on any port. This game is playable online, and through local networks.

Github Repository

The Github repository can be found here

What were my goals with this project?

  • Create a reliable server and client connection with the sockets module
  • Create a graphical/GUI game that implemented physics and a dynamic viewport
  • Experiment with methods of storing and transfering data

Project Images



Agario-Multiplayer readme.txt


  • Run the file. It will prompt you with how you want the game map to be, what ip to use, and what port to run the server on.
  • Next run An ip and port (localhost is default) can typed into the text box at the bottom.
    Click on the play button to join the server.


  • pygame
  • sockets