Lakerbotics-1649’s robot code, written in java. This code was created from base to suit our robot’s needs and the challenge’s (Infinite Recharge) demands. Months of testing and research was spent learning the libraries required, and the “final version” of the robot code was developed over nearly 2 months. I have written the majority of this code (under the Lakerbotics Github account), and the overall project was a group effort with 2 other team members.

Github Repository

The Github repository can be found here
The Lakerbotics-1649 Github can be found here

What were our goals with this project?

  • Command based code (commands & subsystems)
  • Consistent motor controlling through PID Loops (Proportional-Integral-Derivative Loop Controller)
  • Image and target analysis (Using a camera to track targets)
  • Timed actions through sensor inputs
  • Smooth driving (pruning inputs)


  • WPILib
  • CTRE Phoenix