A multi-purpose discord bot to be used on a private server with my friends. This bot provides basic security for our server with an easily customizable verification system. Important e-learnig and virtual learning commands that can reply with my school’s schedule and per class zoom links. The bot can also join voice channels and play different sound effects stored as .mp3 files.

Github Repository

The Github repository can be found here

What were my goals with this project?

  • Functional commands
  • Full utilization of library (structure and code)
  • Abstraction through cogs
  • Multi-user interactions and long-term data storage regarding many users

Project Images




Velociraptor Bot readme.txt

Due to security and privacy concerns…
Some files which are necessary for the bot to run or utilize fully are ommitted from this repository. These files/folders include:

  • - stores the API key which is required to run my bot. However, the api key can be changed to run the code for any discord bot/application.
  • /Sounds - stores .mp3 files (some include personal audio clips)


  • asyncio
  • json
  • collections